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The Characters


Spirit is a brave and noble young Kiger mustang born free on the open plains of the American West in the late 1800s. As leader of the Cimarron herd, Spirit is a proud, strong stallion who is determined to maintain the freedom of his herd at any cost.

As a colt he was born in the spring, in a field of lush grass and wild flowers, on the open plains of the American West. Filled with wonder at the world around him, the curious young foal amuses his mother, Esperanza, with his playful antics and sense of adventure, as he grows from a restless, carefree colt into a proud and strong stallion.

As leader of the Cimarron herd, the brave and noble mustang is determined to maintain his freedom at any cost. In the course of his many adventures, he is confronted by men who try to break him, forms a special friendship with the young American Indian Little Creek, and falls in love with the beautiful paint mare Rain. Through it all, Spirit discovers the true hero inside himself.

Voice: Matt Damon & Bryan Adams (songs)


A beautiful and gentle paint mare, Rain is fiercely loyal to her owner, Little Creek. She is very strong-willed and determined to show Spirit the good that surrounds the Lakota Village, but is intrigued by Spirit's strength and conviction and finds herself falling in love with him. Although she is tempted to run away with Spirit, Rain's intstincts bring her back to Little Creek's side when he needs her most.

Voice: Sarah McLachlan (song 'Don't Let Go')


Spirit's patient and loving mother, Esperanza, is a beautiful and brave palomino coloured mustang mare who keeps a cautious eye on her bold young colt. As Spirit goes off on his many adventures, Esperanza teaches him which creatures are friends and which may be enemies, preparing him for the day when he takes his place as leader of the herd.

Little Creek

A strong, compassionate young Lakota Indian, Little creek first meets Spirit when they are both captured by the cavalry. As they make a daring escape together, Little Creek realizes what a special horse he has found in Spirit. He takes him back to the Lakota village, where Spirit meets Little Creek's horse, Rain, and sees for the first time how there can be a relationship between men and horses. Here Little Creek and Spirit begin building a friendship based on trust and respect.

Voice: Daniel Studi

The Colonel

A stern, determined and strong-willed Colonel in the United States Cavalry, he becomes Spirit's most formidable adversary in his fight for freedom.

Voice: James Cromwell

The Eagle

A good friend of Spirit, who likes to race against his wingless friend.

Cimarron Herd

The Cimarron herd was established by Spirit's parents, Strider and Esperanza. Spirit became leader after his father. Through the story you see many members of the herd. Not only adults, but colts as well. In the movie they aren't named, but some of them are characters in the PC game Forever Free. These are, besides Spirit, Rain and Esperanza, the horses Clara, Fuego, Gray, Little Shoulders, Raphael, Shadow, Sierra, Storm and Tally.

Lakota Ponies

Three of the Lakota Ponies become Spirit's friends. Two of them are with him when he gets caught again after escaping from the US cavalry fortress. They are all around when Rain shows Spirit the Lakota Village. Together with Rain they show the wild mustang stallion the special bond they have with the Two-leggeds from the village. All three ponies are with Spirit when they are taken after the battle at the village and they're with him in the train and during dragging the locomotive.

Unfortunately their names are not known.

Lakota Indians

The Lakotas are native American Indians. Little Creek is member of this tribe. His friends are with him when they capture Spirit after the escape from the fortress and they watch Little Creek when he tries to mount Spirit. In the time Spirit is at the Lakota Village and Rain is showing him around, he makes his own friends.

Voices: Zahn McClarnon || Michael Horse || Meredith Wells

US Cavalry

The US Cavalry was the mounted force of the US Army from the late 1700s to the early 1900s. Spirit's story takes place in the late 1800s, in which the US is fighting the Civil War. The US Cavalry which Spirit faces, is part of the Northerns (Union). They were fighting against the Southerns (Confederates). In the end, the Northerns, led by Abraham Lincoln, won the war.

Voice: John Rubano

Sergeant Adams

Sergeant Adams is a sergeant in the US Cavalry. He buys Spirit from the wranglers and tries to calm him down when the Colonel first arrives.

Voice: Chopper Bernet


Murphy, member of the US Cavalry, is responsible for shoeing, clipping and branding the horses at the fortress.

Voice: Jeff LeBeau

US Cavalry Horses

During the Civil War, the US Cavalry rode on horses. Most of the horses supported Spirit during his tries to escape.


Granite is a US cavalry horse and is mounted by the Colonel. Not much is known about him, but it seems that he is the only cavalry horse that doesn't support Spirit.


This wranglers were travelling through Spirit's Homeland. Spirit saw their campfire during one night and went to them to discover what it was. The wranglers chased Spirit and finally caught him. They made a journey from the Homeland to the US Army fortress, where they sold the mustang to the US Cavalry.

Two of the wranglers, Bill and Jake, are described below. The other wranglers are named Joe, Pete and Roy.

Voices: Matt Levin || Adam Paul || Charles Napier


Bill is one of the wranglers who caught Spirit in his Homeland. He appears to be the leader of the group, since he shouts orders to the other wranglers during the pursuit. He falls off his horse when Spirit runs back from the herd and he takes the money from the US Cavalry when they sold Spirit to them.

Voice: Richard McGonagle


Jake is one of the wranglers who caught Spirit. It is the one who kisses Spirit while dreaming. During the chase he wears a brown cowboy hat. He appears in the PC game Forever Free as well.

Voice: Robert Cait

Railroad Men

The railroad men take Spirit, the Lakota ponies and many more horses to an unfinished railroad. The horses have to drag a locomotive along the unfinished track, while working on the track.

Voices: Jeff LeBeau || Donald Fullilove

The Cougar

The cougar appears after Spirit's race with the eagle, when the feline is creeping towards the twin foals. Spirit attacks the big cat and chases it away.
Originally the cougar was meant to be another stallion, which Spirit had to fight.

Homeland Animals

There are lots of different animals in the Homeland. At the beginning of the movie, there are grizzly bears, bizons, deer and Canadian geese. Spirit befriends the bizons when he is a young colt.