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Forever Free

Spirit leaves the Cimarron herd to find some tasty apples for them. When he returns, they are gone; Homeland is empty. The herd has disappeared. Suddenly Spirit gets overtaken by wranglers, who catch him. Spirit sees that Rain is taken by the wranglers as well. He shows resistance and tries to escape, but the men are too strong for him. Spirit gets seperated from Rain...

SPIRIT: Stallion of the Cimarron's PC game Forever Free takes you back to Homeland, the Cimarron herd and Spirit's friends, the Lakota indians and the Homeland animals. Run as Spirit through different places to find back the herd members and help other creatures, so that the whole herd can return to Homeland.

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Beneath you can find information about the PC game Forever Free. First you find all the characters in the game, including the Cimarron herd and the Lakota indians. After that, you can find information about the map and the areas you can visit. Then you can read the conversations between the characters and finally you can find hints.


Here you can find information about the PC game. Be aware that this text contains spoilers.














Little Shoulders


















Eagle Eye

male, trader








female, farmer's ox

Little Creek


Snoring Bear

male, chief

Yellow Hawk

male, chief's son



Little Brook


Horse Trader



male, woodcutter




male, miner

Walt Jr.

male, miner's son

Mountain lion







The map of Forever Free consists of five different areas.

Homeland home of the Cimarron herd and birthplace of Spirit, full of green grass and running rivers

Harrigan City a small town with a sheriff, blacksmith, saloon, windmill and small farm just outside town

Lakota Village home to Little Creek and his tribe, a small village with teepees, including the chief's and shaman's

Smitty's Peak a small miners town with saloon, rails for coal cars and a deep mine

Snakefinger's Pit an unpleasent canyon where the wranglers keep their caught horses


The conversations below do not necessarily occur in this order.

Spirit, you're all right! But you look weak, my friend. Don't worry. Soon you'll run wild just like before.

First, let's walk. Hold down the left mouse button the arrow in the direction you want to walk. Are you ready to move on?

To stop, let go of the left mouse buttonAre you ready to move on?

The carrots above your head show how fast you can move. Are you ready to move on?

To go faster, click the left mouse button twice and hold it down. Are you ready to move on?

To go even faster, keep clicking the left mouse until all your carrots are lit. Chase rabbits to earn new carrots. Are you ready to move on?

To jump, click the right mouse button while you're moving. Give it a try. Are you ready to move on?

You can kick, too. While standing still, click the right mouse button. Are you ready to move on?

After we're done, talk to the rabbit about finding more carrots. You'll need three carrots to jump out of this pen. Are you ready to move on?

Sometimes the eagle will want to race. If you beat him, he'll give you a feather. Are you ready to move on?

When you find things like an apple that you can carry, click and drag it to your pouch at the bottom of the screen. Are you ready to move on?

To remove an item, click and drag it out of your pouch then drop it where you want it. Are you ready to move on?

To speak to an animal or person click on him. When they have more to say, you'll see a little red triangle. Click anywhere on screen to read what else they have to say. Are you ready to move on?

That's all I have to teach you. Good-bye, my friend.

Hey Spirit, you look a little tired. Take one of my carrots - it will make you feel stronger! If you can catch me next time you see me, I'll give you another carrot.

Spirit. I'm worried. Nobody wants to buy an old horse like me.

That's not true. Plus, we can escape together.

Nah, I'm too slow to jump the fence there. Maybe you could knock the fence down with one of those big rocks up there. What do you say?

No || Yes


I knew there was no use asking a busy young horse like you. If you change your mind, I'll be right here.

Good, there's hope for me yet!

Help Gray escape

Great kick, Spirit! I'm finally free!

You won't throw me this time!

Throw off

Oooh, I don't feel so good.

A gourd carries water. Dip it in a river to fill it. I'll sell the gourd for 10 arrowheads.

That bag carries three inventory items. It'll cost you 150 arrowheads.

I bought that spyglass from a soldier man, and I'll sell it for 200 arrowheads.

That's a shiny green apple. Only 5 arrowheads - a bargain!

That saddle bag carries two inventory items and more money. It costs 50 arrowheads.

I thought you'd like that sugarcube, fella! It's just 2 arrowheads.

Full saddle bag

Looks like you're full up, Spirit. Better lighten your load.

Hey slowpoke! If you can catch me, I'll give you another one of those carrots. Then you'll be able to run faster!

You caught me! But I'm not giving you one of my carrots until you find your girlfriend Rain! She's somewhere nearby.

Find Rain

I don't believe it, you caught me! Here's your carrot. Now you can run even faster. I have to go practicing my racing... Bye bye!

If you can catch me outside of my hole, I'll give you a carrot. Catch you later.

Oops, you got me! But I'm not giving you a carrot until you rescue some more of your horse friends.

Spirit, you're here! Escaping the rustlers was so exhausting that I can't muster the strength to find my own food and water. When I need something, I'll call for you. With your help, I know I'll be back to normal soon.

I think Rain needs some water.

I should bring Rain a gourd full of water.

Give water

That tastes wonderful. I feel better than I did, but I still have a long way to go.

I should get some food to Rain.

Rain could use an apple or something else to eat.

Give food

Thank you. I was so hungry. I feel better than I did, but I still have a long way to go.

I feel a little bit better. But I'm still not myself.

Give food when thirsty

No thanks, I'm not hungry right now.

Give water when hungry

Thanks, but I'm not thirsty right now.

Keep taking care of Rain

I'm better. With your help, I may be back to normal soon.

All this rest is paying off. I'm feeling more like myself.

I'm feeling a little better, but I should rest more.

I feel much better. I think I'm almost back to myself.

Feeling up to a little race, Spirit?

No || Yes


Maybe next time. Bye!

Let's go!

Lose || Win


Better luck next time, Spirit! Don't be sad, everyone says I'm a fast flyer.

I don't believe it, you beat me! Since you've proven you are faster than me this time, here's a feather for you. Maybe I'll see you around?

Please help me!

What's wrong?

I'm stuck! My yoke is caught in this tree.

I'll see what I can do.

If you kick down this tree, I might be able to free myself.

Free Betsie the ox

Thanks! I thought I'd never get out of that jam! Here, take this feather. I'm feeling a little hungry now. Hmmm...

I'm so hungry. I was after a snack when my yoke snagged in that tree. Now what was I planning to eat?

Spotted any apples around here? I'm not leaving till I find one.

Give apple

Yum, now that hits the spot!

I'm so glad you're here. Will you help me get back to my mother?

No || Yes


Now I have to figure out a way to get home myself.

Oh, thank you. I knew you would help me. Please help me get across this chasm.


Rescue the buffalo calf

You did it! Now I can make it back home to mom. Thanks, Spirit!


Raphael, what are you doing here?

A storm damaged the windmill, and the wranglers are making me power this water pump.

How can I help?

If you find the missing three windmill bladesI can go free. Will you find the blades?

No || Yes


I understand. You must be busy. Let me know if you have time to help me down the road.

Thank you, Spirit! Find three windmill bladesthem back here.


Any sign of those windmill blades? Have you looked all around town?

Give blade

That's one. Two more to go. There are more blades around here somewhere.

Give blade

That's two! Only one more blade to go!

Give blade

You found them! Now the windmill works and I can go free!

Spirit! Won't you help Little Creek? If you do, he may let me return to Homeland with you.

Spirit, I'm in trouble! The sheriff thinks I stole his wife's silver mirrorbut I didn't do it. If you help me get free, I'll give you myhorse, Esperanza.

I can't talk now, Spirit. I have to figure out how to free myself.

I think that kid stole my wife's silver mirror. Kid says he didn't do it. But I'm not letting him or his horse go till I find it. Think you can find the mirror?

No || Yes


Figures. You're probably in on it with him. Get out of here!

The only way you'll find that mirror is if this sticky-fingered kid tells you where it is.

Have you found the silver mirror yet? I saw one like it near a river once.

I may have seen the mirror near the river above the farm outside of town.

Any sign of the mirrorI don't think it's around here. Have you looked near the farm?

Haven't found that mirror yet? Well, you won't find it around here, that I can tell you.

Till I see that mirrorthe kid and the horse aren't going anywhere.

Give mirror

Well, I'll be. You found it. I guess that kid didn't take the mirror after all.

That's what he told you.

My apologies, Little Creek. You and your horse are free to go. Go on, get out of here.

You found it! I'm free! Here, take Esperanza with you. She belongs with you and the other horses.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Spirit! I can't believe you're here! This farm life is tough now that the Farmer's ox ran off.

Ever since my ox ran away, I'm stuck with this horse. I'd gladly let the horse go if I could only find my ox. Will you help me?

No || Yes

Dag nabbit. Let me know if you change your mind.

Wonderful! Bring back my ox, please. Oh, Betsie, come home!


Haven't found my ox yet? Have you checked the apple tree? My Betsie loves apples.


Say, seen any more of those apples?

Give apple

Another one? Thanks!

Give apple

You sure know what I like.

Ahh, it's good to be home. Thanks, Spirit!

You found her! Much appreciated. No need for this horse anymore. Come one, Betsie, let's start plowing.

Hot enough for you, horse? My advice: find some shade.

I tell you what, it's good to be home.

Stay back, fella. Got hot iron here.

During Carrie and Sierra mission (Smitty's Peak)

I see you like that railcar wheel. I'll let you have it if you give me a blanket from the weaver in the Lakota Village.

Find that blanket yet?

Not so fast. You find that blanket yet?

Check in the Lakota Village for that blanketI'll give you the railcar wheel when you bring me the blanket.

Give blanket

Thanks for the blanket. Help yourself to that railcar wheel.

Getting a lot of use from that railcar wheel? Why a horse would want a wheel is a mystery to me.

Little Shoulders, why are you here?

I'm Little Brook's horse. She's practicing her smoke signals.

Want to come to Homeland with me?

I do, but I can't leave Little Brook unless she gives me persmission. Maybe ask her if I can go with you.

I can't play now. I'm practicing my smoke signals.

Teepee gets on fire

Oh, no! Now I've done it! Mother will be so mad. Spirit, will you bring me water to put out the fire?

No || Yes


Thanks anyway. I have to figure out how to put this out.

Thank you! Bring three loads of water from the river before time runs out. 0:55:00

Have you tried the river? Fill your gourd at the river and bring me the water.

Water? I usually get some at the river to the south.


    Fail || Succes


Oh no! You weren't quite fast enough. I'm going to get in trouble for this!

I can't talk right now. I have to fix my teepee somehow before Dad gets home! Come by later, okay?

Too bad about

the teepee,

Spirit. Maybe

you should try


Give water

That's one! Bring two more before time runs out!

Give water

One more to go! Hurry!

Give water

Thank you, thank you, Spirit! You saved my teepee.

No, we saved it.

Please, take Little Shoulders with you. It's the least I can do to show my appreciation.

Thank you, Little Brook.

Bye, Spirit! Bye, Little Shoulders!

Playing with fire is dangerous!

I decided to learn to weave. If you come back later, I may weave you a nice rug or even a blanket.

During Carrie and Sierra mission (Smitty's Peak)

Spirit, hello! After that trouble with the sheriff, I'm happy just to weave.

That's good news, because I need a blanket.

I'd be glad to trade you one for an axe. I need to chop wood for my father. Will you find an axe for me?

No || Yes


That's too bad. I sure could use an axe. Tell me if you change your mind.

Good. Find an axe and bring it to me. In return, I'll give you a blanket. Good luck.

Can't find the axeThere's not one around here, I know that much.

That axe is hard to find, huh? Have you checked the cabin in Snakefinger's Pit?

Give axe

You found an axeWonderful! Here is the blanket I promised you.

How do you like my work? This will be my best blanket yet.

Oh Great Horse Spirit, what brings you to our land?

Chief Snoring Bear's son is very sick, Spirit. Won't you help him?

Help me, please. My son is so very sick, but I can't leave him. If you bring an elixer from the ShamanI'll do anything... Even give you my horse.

No || Yes


Come back if you change your mind.

Go, my friend. Find the Shaman, and bring back the elixer to cure my son.

My son's growing worse. Hurry! Find the Shaman!

The Shaman, or medicine man, sits outside a lone teepee outside of our village. Please, find him!

Bad news travels fast, my friend. I hear the Chief's son is very ill.

That's right.

I'm too weak to help much, but I will mix an elixer to help him. That is, if you help me collect berries for it. Will you help find berries?

No || Yes

I'm saddened to hear that, my friend.

Good, let's get to work. I need three things: red juniper berries, purple coneflowers, and yellow columbine. They're located around the village.

Look for three plants, one red, one purpleand one yellow.

Having trouble finding the three plants? Have you checked along the creek?


I've seen people collecting flowers along the shore. Maybe you should look there?

Give berry

This will do fine. Now find me the other two ingredients.

Give berry

Excellent! I need only one more ingredient for the elixer.

Give berry

You have done a great thing, Spirit. Take this elixer to the Chief's son. Great speed, my friend.

Give elixer

Thank you! You saved my son.

You're welcome.

Please, accept my horse as a sign of my appreciation. He belongs with you.

Thank you.

You are a great horse, Spirit.

You're the one who saved me, aren't you? Thanks. I feel much better now.

Greetings, Spirit. What a gift it is to see you again.

Spirit, it's so good to see you. Please help me return to Homeland. I dearly miss it.

I see you like my horse. It can be yours for 1,000 arrowheads.

1,000 arrowheads? I'll never have that many.

Too rich for you, huh? Well, how about this. Some of the cavalry men have a spyglass that I could sure use.

A spyglass?

It's a tool used to see long distances. If you bring me one of those, you can have my horse. What do you say?

No || Yes

Your loss. Come back when you're ready to do business.

Come back when you find the spyglass. I'll be here.


Do you think you can find the spyglass, Spirit? I sure hope so.

Still looking for the spyglass? Have you checked in Homeland?

Ask Eagle Eye, the trader, in Homeland about a spyglass. He should help you.

Give spyglass

You found a spyglass for me!

No, I found one for Clara, your horse. Will you let her go now?

Your determination has made me think, Spirit. Perhaps it's wrong to trade animals. Take my horse. I will not swap animals again.

Thank you.

Back again? I have nothing to trade today.

I'd like to join you, Spirit, but with this miner's son missing, I have twice as much work to do. He'll never let me go till he finds his son.

Hey there, horse. Have you seen a little boy around? He's done got himself lost. If you see him will you lead him back here?

No || Yes

Well, that's too bad. I'm sure you have a good excuse, though.

Thanks. Send my boy back to me and I'll give you a big reward.

Have you checked the mine yet? I'd look there myself but I can't get across the broken bridge.

Found little Walter Jr. yet? Jump the bridge to the mine and check in there.


That little boy is real nice to me, Spirit. I hope he hasn't been eaten up by that mountain lion.

HEEELP! Is someone there? Say something! Oh... Well. If you can hear me, fetch a rope so I can climb out! I saw one in the corral in Harrigan City.

Give rope

A rope! I'm saved!

Junior! Why thank you for finding my boy. Please, take Shadow with you. It's the least I can do.

You and Shadow getting along well? He's a good horse, that Shadow.

Thanks for saving me. Now I can shovel coal all day!

Thank goodness! That mountain lion is after me. Can you think of a way to run him off?

No || Yes


I may never make it back to my nest... In one piece.

Thank you. Now please get that mountain lion away from my nest.

Can't talk. Might scare up those bees and spoil my chances of catching my supper.

Leave me be, horse. I'm hunting raccoon.

Save the raccoon

You did it! Thank you so much. Now I can go home!

Spirit! I'm pooped and my owner Harold is working me too hard. Get me out of here, will ya?

Woe is me! I need more coal to saw. Think you could bring me three loads of coal in the next minute?

No || Yes

Dang, now I'll never get all this wood sawed.

Time's a wasting! Bring three loads of coal here before the timer runs out!

Found any coals yet? Time's running out!

Bring me three loads of coal and fast! If you do, I'll give you a horse!


Hurry, Spirit. Bring three loads of coal before the timer runs out!


Fail || Succes

You weren't fast enough. Come back later and try again if the mood hits you.

Give coal

That's one load. Two more to go!

Give coal

That's two! Bring me one more!

Give coal

My, you are one fast horse! Here, as a sign of my appreciation, take my horse. She's all yours. Thanks!

Cutting wood all day and night. That's what I do.


It's good to see you! If you could get me out of this, I'd owe you big, Spirit!

Well I'll be! It's a horse! Just what I needed. Mine's all wore out.

Sorry, I don't do manual labor.

Oh, then maybe you could help me fix my railcar? See, it's missing a wheel. Reckon you could find me another wheel?

No || Yes

Gosh durnit. Guess I'm off to bust up more saloons.

Wonderful. Bring me a wheel for my rail car, and I'll give you something even better in return.

I don't think you'll find a wheel around here. I think I might have seen one last time I went to town.

I know where I saw a wheel. It was in the Blacksmith's shop in Harrigan City.


Found that wheel yet? I know Carrie will let me go when you do.

Whew hew! You found my wheel. You and Sierra go run off together. I have some chopping to attend to.

Saved Cimarron herd members

It's good to be back, young fella! You've done us all proud again.

Life is good since you helped me out!

Way to go, Spirit! My legs were aching from all the work at the water pump.

No problem, pal.

Any sign of those wranglers? I thought I smelled 'em just now.

How can I ever thank you, my friend.

Just by being my friend.

Will do.

It's great to be back in Homeland.

Oh, thank you, Spirit. I knew you'd find the mirror. It's so nice to be back in Homeland!

I knew you'd grow up into a brave stallion! I'm so proud of you!

You're a brave stallion, Spirit. Thanks for setting me free! I didn't realize how much I missed Homeland!

Thanks for helping out the Chief and freeing me, Spirit!

It was the least I could do.

The grass is much greener here in Homeland. Mmm, tasty!

Thank you, Spirit. It's so nice to be back home!

I don't miss that Horse Trader!

You saved little Walter! You're a hero, Spirit. And I'm free!

Did you see any gold in that mine up in the mountains? It could be valuable to someone.

I can't believe how quickly you hauled the coal. Thank you, Spirit!

Thanks for the quick thinking, Spirit.

Way to go, Spirit. Boy, it feels good to have that weight off my shoulders.

Whew, it's good to be home, huh?

I feel great, thanks to you, Spirit.

Spirit, I'm glad you're here.

Me too.

After saving all the Cimarron herd members

With all the horses saved, now's our chance to protect Homeland forever! Help me kick this rock, Spirit! It's our only chance.

What in the world's going on up there?

Protect Homeland

Oh, no! We'll never capture another horse now!