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Fun & Facts

On this page you can find all kinds of fun and facts. Read about the making of SPIRIT: Stallion of the Cimarron, find out about mistakes in the movie and meet the real Spirit.

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Movie Mistakes


When Spirit is just born, he starts suckling at Esperanza for the first time. At one moment, you see a piece of Esperanza's tail is missing and you can see the background through it!


At the cavalry, Spirit's mane and tail are cut by Murphy. His mane and tail is still short when Rain takes him for a Lakota Village tour. But at one moment, Spirit's tail is long again!


When Little Creek notices that Spirit can not be broken, he puts the blanket and bridle on the fence from the pen. A moment later, the blanket is still there, but the bridle has disappeared!


Both foals in the Cimarron have a marking on their forehead. When Spirit returns to the herd with Rain, the marking of one of the foals has disappeared. A moment later it's back again!


Three cavalry men, including the Colonel, keep on chasing Spirit and Little Creek throuh the canyons. One man has no facial hair, the other has a big mustache. Moments later, the one with the mustache seems to have shaven most of the mustache and put it on his chin as goatee!


In Spirit's first winter, he starts licking an icicle. His tongue gets melted to the ice and he breaks it off. The icicle is first very thick, but when he has it in his mouth, it's much thinner!


When Spirit and Rain fall down the waterfall after the siege of the Lakota Village, you can see the computer animation isn't fixed well; you can still see the digital lines of the water.


At the end of the scene where the cavalry men try to break Spirit, he runs to the fences to scare the men. At one moment you can see his bottom jaw is missing; you can see the background through it!


When the locomotive just exploded, Spirit changed into a Transformers horse; there are chains coming out his neck!


When Spirit pretends to be dead when pulling the locomotive, he wears a halter. Just moments later the halter disappeared!


When Spirit and Little Creek escape from the cavalry fort, they release some cavalry horses. At first they wear a halter, but when they follow Spirit to freedom, the halters disappeard!


When Spirit comes to the Lakota Village at night, the pen consists of nine panels. Later, when Little Creek tries to ride Spirit, the pen suddenly consists of thirteen panels!

It might be that the Lakota added the panels for training


When Spirit got tied up to the pole, the rope is quite long. But some time later, the rope is very short!


When the buffalos arive, the foals run away from the water and hide behind Esperanza. A moment later, when we see the Cimarron herd, the foals disappeared!


Remember the little Lakota girl in the village when Rain shows Spirit around? She is based on the toddler daughter of one of the producers. The Lakota's girl text and noises came from the toddler!

Rain received an honorary registration certificate from the American Paint Horse Association (APHA). She is the first animated horse to be registered by this organization!

Did you know that Spirit was based on a real mustang? He was born in 1995 and DreamWorks gave him to a sanctuary for wild horses in 2002, when the movie was finished.


Have you ever eaten SPIRIT: Stallion of the Cimarron ice cream? It was available in two flavours: 'Blue Sky Shake' and 'Cimarron Sundae'.

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