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My Fansite

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Official Site

This is the offical SPIRIT: Stallion of the Cimarron site by DreamWorks. Here you can buy the DVD, find out about the story, production, characters, cast & crew, trailers & images, soundtracks and play games and activities.

Spirit Source

An extensive site by and for enthusiastic fans. You can find information about the movie, but you can also create your own stories and characers to roleplay with each other. Including a forum. This site is part of Animation Source.

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This site contains 51 pages full of high quality screenshots from the movie.

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Terre Natale

A French site with lots of nice informations, facts and pictures.

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Return to Freedom

This is a site of an American horse sanctuary for wild horses. In this sanctuary lives the Kiger Mustang Spirit, the real horse that DreamWorks used as example for our own Spirit.

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